FEMS prize

The Edouard & Maurice Sandoz Foundation (FEMS), established in Pully in 1982, is dedicated to exclusively artistic and cultural objectives. Although French Switzerland has many prizes for artistic and cultural achievement, awards for the encouragement of artistic creation are more of a rarity. The purpose of the FEMS Prize is to make it possible for an artist to take a decisive step in his career, both by giving him financial support for the execution of an ambitious project, and by putting him in touch with people who can help him to promote and publicise his work.

The FEMS Prize is open to artists, composers or writers who are either of Swiss origin or who have lived in Switzerland for at least five years. Entrants must submit an application including, in particular, a precise description of his or her proposed project. The FEMS Prize is awarded by a permanent jury, consisting of the members of the Board of Trustees of the Edouard & Marcel Sandoz Foundation.

The permanent jury is assisted in its selection by an invited jury, replaced each year, which has the task of evaluating applications as received, and of selecting those to be submitted to the permanent jury for its decision. The members of the invited jury are selected by the FEMS on the basis of their expertise in the fields covered by the Prize.

The first winner of the FEMS Prize was announced in March 1997. Each winner will be expected to complete the project for which the prize was awarded within a period of one year, at the end of which the work will be presented to the public. During the year of his prize the winning artist will benefit from support designed to promote his works. The Prize of the Edouard & Maurice Sandoz Foundation, instituted in memory of two brothers who were both artists and patrons, seeks to meet the needs of artists, composers and writers in Switzerland who have not had the opportunity to execute an ambitious project, of decisive importance for the continuation of their career.


For further information and for the regulations of the FEMS Prize, contact:

Fondation Edouard & Maurice Sandoz

Avenue Général Guisan 85, 1009 Pully
Tel. 021 721 19 19 - E-mail
Website: www.fems.ch